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Clean Hydrogen unlock clean jobs, a clean economy, and a clean future.

The Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition (CHFC) is a diverse group of stakeholders supporting federal clean hydrogen policies that will stimulate the adoption of clean hydrogen in the U.S. and enable our country to achieve national decarbonization objectives while also increasing U.S. global competitiveness. CHFC members represent a broad spectrum of forward–thinking entities in industries that will play a critical role in the transition to a clean hydrogen economy.

A graphic diagram depicting the Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem.

With its ability to be used as a fuel source, an industrial feedstock, or to produce and store electricity, clean hydrogen will have a critical role in accelerating decarbonization across all sectors of our economy. It also will provide an opportunity to transition existing — and create new — skilled, high wage jobs needed to support the clean energy transition. In order to create a clean hydrogen economy at the scale necessary to achieve national decarbonization objectives, the U.S. must take action to significantly reduce the carbon intensity of hydrogen production, propel its investment clean hydrogen infrastructure and adopt its use in several market applications.

The coalition is identifying specific actions that the U.S. can undertake to catalyze investment in the supply chain for clean hydrogen production, transport, storage, and end uses, as well as the technology development and infrastructure needs across multiple sectors of the economy.

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